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 i was repad when i was a kid 8 years old and badly ,and abuse , that s made problems in my life first i had probleme with my studies in that year so i repeat it. because i couldn t concentrate at sckool.then when i grow up a bit few years arround 13years old i was sex abuse also . now i m 41 man old and i made also also for few kids . what i have to do . of corse i made tawba and istighfar. i know that man who made that sex abuse for me when i was child. question is do i have right to paniche him by my self . 3aino bil 3ani wa sinno bi sinni . or i forget . and let it be until yaw ??

» رقم السؤال: 16072

 » : 23/02/2010

 » إسم المجيب: ay chikh

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 » :4011

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